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Beyond Spiritual Correctness

Beyond Spiritual Correctness:
Appreciating the DIFFERENCES Among Religions, Paths, and Saints, Part 1

by Chris Tong, Ph.D.

Practical Spirituality Series, Book 7
50 pages
Publication Date: December 2000
ISBN: 0717302377

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1. Understanding religious and spiritual egalitarianism

1.1. The origins of egalitarianism

1.2. Egalitarianism and political correctness as an over-reactive historical phase

1.2.1. Political correctness as an over-reaction

1.2.2. Political correctness as a superficial reaction

1.2.3. Political correctness as an intolerant and unreal philosophy

1.2.4. For the appreciation of real differences, and against equal impoverishment

2. Beyond spiritual correctness: comparing religions, paths, and Revelations

2.1. The origins of religious egalitarianism and spiritual correctness

2.1.1. Spiritually correct statement #1: “All religions are equal”

2.1.2. Spiritually correct statement #2: “All spiritual paths are equal”

2.1.3. Spiritual correctness and behind-the-scene materialism

2.2. The Elephant metaphor: Partial views with grains of truth

2.3. The metaphor of Spiritual technology: On telescopes and Spiritual means

2.3.1. play telescopes / purely exoteric religions

2.3.2. weak but working telescopes / weak but real Spiritual means

2.3.3. powerful, reliable telescopes / powerful, reliable Spiritual means

3. Understanding religious and spiritual anti-authoritarianism

3.1. The origin of anti-authoritarianism in the failure of the Church theocracy

3.2. Anti-authoritarian response #1: Endless spiritual talk but no spiritual practice

3.2.1. Comparative religion professors are generally not Spiritual authorities

3.2.2. Social religiosity vs. spiritual practice: Plato’s cave revisited

3.3. Anti-authoritarian response #2: “Do it yourself” New Age spirituality

3.3.1. Trying to build a working car from shiny accessories at the Auto Parts Shop

3.4. Spiritual Authority based on Spiritual Realization



Appreciating the Differences Among Religions, Paths, and Saints, Part 2:
Three Views of Reality and Human Potential

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